like a fucking airunicorn

sometimes i pretend i'm a fucking airunicorn. i have wings, and a horn. i'm pink. my blood is pure silver. i'm the most peaceful, pure and innocent creature you'll ever know of. i can fly longer than any bird on earth, i never get tired, i never sleep. if you ever make my blood spill, you'll live the rest of your life in shame. if you drink my blood, you'll live forever. but you'll live with the worst shame a human can have, because my blood is the most innocent and pure thing in the world.
i can fly forever. i am invinsible to anyone who doesn't have a open mind and heart. if you believe i'm real, i am real. i give you power to do the right choices, i give you peace, and i give you love. by seeing me, your heart is filled with beauty. your eyes will be filled with shiny stars, and gives you the power to look not only on the outside of people, but gives you the power to see the inner beauty. your hands will be filled with the strength to work hard for what is good. your mouth will have the power to tell yourself and everyone around how beautiful they really are. your feet will have the energy to go longer than you'll believe.
feel it, breathe it, believe it, and you'll be walking on the skies, like a fucking airunicorn!

inspirert av min egen elisaa. ELISABETH IS A FUCKING EMO UNICORN!

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